Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> At 09:46 PM 8/9/01 -0500, Weiqi Gao wrote:
> >
> > This makes sense.  People who are getting the source
> > release can build the Javadocs from the release.
> > People who are getting the binary release can't
> > build the Java docs, so they need the Javadocs bundled
> > in.
> Weiqi,
> I assume you meant that what makes sense is neither what
> I suggested nor what Charlie suggested, but rather,
> prepared Javadoc with the binary distro, and none with
> the source. I pretty much assume that the complete set
> of batch files will be identical acrosss different
> distros.

Of course this is assuming that the Javadoc is going to be useful for the
customers of the binary distribution.

> I want to make it clear that the Javadoc is not going
> to help someone all that much in figuring out how to
> make FOP run. We are talking about the API docs when I
> say Javadoc, _not_ the regular HTML documentation.

I have to admit that during the past few months of trying to use FOP I have
never looked at the Javadoc.  The HTML documentation has been adequate.
However I'm just one user.  There might be other users whose experience says

When I said "Javadoc in binary distribution", what I had in mind are things
that I can download from Sun's website, like JAXP 1.1, JSSE, JNDI, etc.
They've always included the Javadocs.  But they distribute only the public
API Javadocs (the javax.naming.*, etc., part, not the com.sun.naming.*,
etc., part).  I don't know how FOP can fit into that model.

Maybe when the public API is separated from the implementation details, FOP
can provide Javadocs only for the public API and not the implemenation
details, thus cutting down the size of the distribution.

Until then, go with your instinct.

> Incidentally, none of this is an issue for me. I have a
> fast machine and I have a cable connection. If all
> potential users also have cable or ADSL connections then
> it's a moot point. But they don't, so distro size (I
> would think) is a consideration.

Speaking as one with a 28.8k modem behind an unlimited hours ISP, I don't
really care about the size either.  (I downloaded my GNOME 1.4 as well as
the .NET SDK over the phone line.  It took only a couple of DAYS.)

Weiqi Gao

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