On Sun, 12 Aug 2001 05:11:09 Randall Parker wrote:
> In the apache.fop.svg.PDFGraphics2D.java there are the following lines:
>         Font gFont = getFont();
>         String name = gFont.getName();
>         if (name.equals("sanserif")) {
>             name = "sans-serif";
>         }
> I do not understand their purpose. Meanwhile here is an excerpt of what
> one gets from dumping out 
> the list of available fonts from Java:
>     java.awt.Font[family=sansserif,name=sansserif,style=plain,size=1]
>     java.awt.Font[family=sansserif.bold,name=sansserif.bold,style=plain,size=1]
>     java.awt.Font[family=sansserif.italic,name=sansserif.italic,style=plain,size=1]
> Is there a misspelling problem here? 

Batik gets a list of all fonts on the machine and creates a number of
different mapping combinations with the names.
FOP's font setup has only one mapping for that sans-serif.
Batik when it gets this type of font defaults to using the string sanserif.

It is simply a matter of how the fonts are named and it does not depend on
what fonts java can get.

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