Hi list,

  I just subscribed, and looked for an answer for this
in the FOP and Cocoon archives, but couldn't find it. 

  I downloaded the latest FOP cvs snapshot to fix a
list formatting problem, but it wouldn't work with
Cocoon(1), because the Driver object seems to be
changed significantly. Then I got the the latest cvs
snapshot for Cocoon and one of the problems in
org.apache.cocoon.formatter.FO2PDFFormatter was fixed
by calling Driver.setOutputStream() instead of
Driver.setWriter() (using the reflection api to
support both ways), only it still uses what seems to
be older methods like Driver.addPropertyList instead
of addElementMapping...

  So my question is this: is anyone else aware of this
problem and working on it, and if not, assuming I can
update the FO2PDFFormatter class to work with both the
new and old version of FOP (which I think I can) how
would I go about contributing the update?


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