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On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 06:10:56 GMT ektan wrote:
> I 'm interested in doing font embedding in Postscript file, but I don't
> have any ideas to do it, so can u give me some guides?

The PostScript Renderer currently does not support font embedding. To
get a PostScript file that contains embedded fonts, create a PDF and use
Acrobat Reader (under Linux) or Ghostscript to convert it to PostScript.

I can give some pointers in case you're interested to implement font
support for the PostScript renderer.

> I have read the FOP source, and found that there are two Pdf folder in that
> package, one is in org.apache.fop.pdf and another one is in
> org.apache.fop.render.pdf, so, what's the purpose for doing these?

org.apache.fop.pdf contains Java classes representing objects defined by
the PDF spec. They are used to faciliate the production of PDF files.
org.apache.fop.render.pdf contains the actual PDF Renderer, the part
that converts the area tree into the target format (here PDF).

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