"Thomas, Mary" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on  Mon Aug 13, 2001:

> I am trying to figure out why exactly there is this namespace issue.

Precisely, what error messages are you getting?  It would help
greatly if were to describe the problem rather than saying just "this 

> I am wondering if anyone has run into similar issue.
> Am also wondering if there is conflicts with default jar of Tomcat3.2.1 
> that
> comes with jbuilder5.
> It has got ant.jar,
> jaxp.jar, parser.jar.
> Should I remove this . and include just xalan2 and xerces1.2.3.jar
> I tried removing it and looks like
> jbuilder is looking for xmlDocument.class
> which I think is in parser.jar.

My guess is that you are getting compilation errors due to different
versions of libraries which are common to Tomcat 3.2.1 and FOP.

If this is the case, you can try to rearrange the order in which the
"Required Libraries" appear in the Project Properties dialog.
Also, reconfigure the Tomcat classpath settings in user.properties
and put the desired xerces.jar, and other JARs which seem to
be causing these conflicts, at the start of it may help.  The 
file is in your "profile" folder (Win2K calls it Documents and Settings),
in a subfolder called .jbuilder5.

Another possibility is to use a more updated version of Tomcat.
I believe that Code Central has technotes on how to upgrade/
integrate newer versions of Tomcat into JBuilder 5.  If not there,
do a search of the Borland newsgroups (choose an engine from
those listed at http://www.borland.com/newsgroups/ngsearch.html).
Personally, I use the Tamarack site.  Including the key words "Ken
Chan" (a Borland employee who volunteers some quality time on
the "servlets-jps" newsgroup, and who is very involved with Tomcat
integration into JBuilder) may net you the desired articles faster
than a less restrictive search.  I'd try key words such as

   Tomcat  xerces

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