I think that the following properties of fo:block should help prevent a
block splitting at a page boundary, but I cannot seem to get them to do
what they should (with FOP 0.18)

(You should not need to use them all.)  If anyone on fop-dev has successful
experience of using these, perhaps they can advise.

You can refine the properties with component qualifiers; for example:

For more information, see the examples directory of the FOP installation.

You can also force a page break before a block that spills over a page
(effectively preventing the spillage) with:

Good luck!
P.S. I'm "unplugged" until 26th Sept, so I can't respond from now until

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Sorry for replying that late... I just come back from the HAL...

Thank you for your precious advice...

Thanks to your code I managed to find a walk throught for my paging issues.
Anyway, one issue remains :
Is it possible to avoid a page break into a block ?

I checked out the Web for a solution but it seems that many asked but few

Thanks for your help.


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