We have a problem adding a new font (a Chinese one) to 

We are trying to produce UTF-8 reports in Chinese using fop
from a servlet.  We have the reports going ok in English.
We have gotton a Chinese ttf font file and tried to follow
the instructions listed in the Font section of the fop
web site.

We ran the font metrics utility to produce the font metrics 
xml file and added the definition of the new font to the
userConfig.xml.  However, it is not clear where to place the
generated font metrics xml file.  We cannot find any similar files 
elsewhere in the directory structure.

Has anybody done this before or know where they should be located?

Also in the font instructions on the web site, it says to 
start fop with a -c command line option.  However, we are
doing this in a Servlet.  How do we invoke fop with this
option set from another Java class?

Alex Amies

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