At 11:08 AM 8/17/01 +1000, Darren Munt wrote:
>I've tried that twice and been ignored twice, so I thought there must be
>some other channel to be used. 
>I've been trying to say that the leader-length attribute is ignored if it
>has a percentage value instead of an explicit value. The example
>demonstrates this problem.
>Strangely, I did a bit of a search and discovered that Huy Do also reported
>this problem on August 2nd. He was ignored too :)

Hi, Darren

I wouldn't say that you've been ignored. I read those emails, and I'm sure 
that others did too.

I am inclined not to reply, usually, unless I have something to add and/or I 
can promise quick action. Neither of which was true in the case of the 
behaviour you report (although I can confirm it, and I do remember the 
percentages working before). I'm guessing the fix is pretty simple - if 
you've got some Java savvy you'll expedite your chances of getting a quick 
resolution by doing some code research. :-) Eventually it'll get fixed 
anyway, of course.


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