I have attached a diff that should help with the changed api.
I have tried it with the latest cocoon cvs (5 minutes ago) at it works for
me. It will only work with the latest fop cvs.

Is this what you want.

Is there anything that should be done differently?


On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 23:07:27 COFFMAN Steven wrote:
> Whups. John's recent Cocoon 2 patch did not update to FOP 0.20 API, but
> was
> just adding PCL and PS as valid outputs and refactoring for the old FOP
> API.
> Peter West is doing some good work on serializing the parse events, and
> generally opening up FOP to be less like a black box. His code is still
> experimental, and not part of CVS yet however. I'm not sure what Cocoon's
> release schedule is, but FOP 0.20 has a number of major improvements that
> we'd like to get into Cocoon 2.0 final (like less than infinte memory
> required for large documents).
> BTW, John (as a Cocooner) is not subscribed to fop-dev, so please Cc him
> if
> there's anything you want him to know. 
> -Steve


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