I discovered the other day that FOP has a PostScript renderer. This is very
handy because I am using psutils to do booklet PDF printing and it only
works on PostScript 3 files. 

I had been using Ghostscript (pdf2ps) to convert PDFs output from FOP to
PostScript. I then use pstops to reduce, rotate, 2-up and sort pages to
produce booklet pages in a PostScript file and then use GhostScript to
convert the PostScript file to a PDF. Although the resulting PDFs print
fine, they look ugly on-screen. The files are much larger than the FOP
version and they also take a long time to print. Based on the behaviour of
the PDF viewer and my printer, I am guessing this is because Ghostscript has
converted the original PDF into graphics instead of text. I get much better
results when working with the PostScript files output by FOP.

There is one problem, page-citations don't seem to work. The line
<fo:page-number-citation ref-id="xref"/> should put the page number of the
page on which a block with the attribute id="xref" first appears. In the
output from FOP -ps I get a ? instead.

I haven't seen much talk on this mailing list about the PostScript renderer,
so I'm not sure where it sits on the FOP radar scope. Is this a known issue
and is there any likelihood it will be fixed in the near future?

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