Hello Joshua

> >regarding the first problem: are you printing under windows
> > with acrobat
> > >reader 4.0 and up? Try printing on a different printer. I
> > have similar
> > >problems with WinNT and Acrobat Reader 4 an 5 when I am
> > printing to a HP
> > >LaserJet 4M+.
> When using Acrobat reader, check that the 'Fit to page' option is not
> selected. I think this shrinks the page to fit within the printable area.

The activated option is the default and at work we have to use this option 
because we have landscape documents. With deactivated option these are not 
printed correctly. Acrobat Reader rotates the pages only with this option.

On a differnt printer the resulting page has its original and correct size.


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