Hi fellow foppers,

Concerning the recent GUMP build failures, Sam Ruby wrote:
> ... the following change:
> ..causes the following build failure:
>    http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/gump/2001-08-18/xml-fop.html

Our stylesheets (like genconst.xsl) which use the XSLT document function
with an input nodeset are failing. The problem is that Xalan isn't
finding the base URL for the node in the XML document. In fact it
doesn't have a URL for the input XML document at all!

I now see that the reason for this is that the Xslt task used in the fop
build is building a DOM Document from the input file and passing that to
the transformer.

If I modify org.apache.fop.tools.anttasks.Xslt to directly pass the
input XML filename to the XSLTransform.transform method, the latest
version of Xalan works correctly, since it now finds the base URL.

We are building the DOM tree to handle the "mergefile" which is used
when building the font files.

In order to work with the new version of Xalan, we need to find some way
to let it know the system ID of the original input document. Perhaps we
could create a DOMSource directly? Or pass the system ID separately? Or
find some other way to handle the font mapping files without building
the DOM tree?

I haven't thought much about the best way to do this; I'll probably mull
it over a bit, but it would be nice to hear from those of you who have
already mucked about with this stuff (Tore, Kelly, Fotis?).


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