The fo:external-graphic can only have data from a url specified in the src
element, so unless you somehow make a url to your database you cannot use
this element.

An alternative would be to use svg. The svg image supports inline data
(encoded as base64).

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001 09:57:25 "Beer, Christian" wrote:
> Hi Foppers!
(this Foppers business is getting out of hand :)
> I'm new to fop and I am develloping a nice app, that works best!!
> Fop is great!
> Question: 
>   I am using the tag <fo:external-graphic ...> to insert an image 
>   into a pdf. Is it possible to embedd an image into the xml (as 
>   base64 or something)?? I get my image out of a database and it
>   would be greate if I didn't have to write it to a file.
> Cheers
>       Christian

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