Hi, Bodo

I'd be very happy to help. I'm badly sidelined due to work pressure, but 
there is always some time I can pry loose...I'd rather spend that time 
getting new developers up to speed.

I'll review the source this evening and give you a synopsis of what we are 
facing here.

Arved Sandstrom

At 12:18 PM 8/27/01 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>i tried to use the keep-with-next property on a multi column page with 
>some  text blocks that  normally fits on one page with 4 columns.
>my text consists of this sequence of text blocks: every 2nd block is 
>meant to be a headline and  the the following block is the paragraph 
>belonging to that headline.
>therefore i set the keep-with-next attribute on the headline blocks but 
>still the column break occurred between the headline and the paragraph.
>looking in to the code i found that  in 
>org.apache.fop.fo.flow.Block.layout(Area) the line:
>this.keepWithNext =
>                            this.properties.get("keep-with-next").getEnum();
>does not have any effect , since the getEnum() method always returns (0) 
>because the
>org.apache.fop.fo.KeepProperty(Keep) does not overwrite the getEnum() 
>so i patched this so that this.keepWithNext got the value="5" (just to 
>see what will happen then ) but immediately  i run in to another error:
>the headline appeared on the bottom of the old column, a wrong page 
>break occurred (instead of a column break)
>and the same headline appeared on the top of the new page.
>if nobody else is currently working on this problems i would be willing 
>to do this, if i (as a someone who just started to try to understand the 
>fop source code) get some assistance from the fop gurus.
>would you appreciate this?
>bodo teichmann
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