--- adel ben <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hi all,
> is it possible to render arabic characters from xml into pdf?
> what is the standard of encoding arabic characters in xml?

Hello Adel,

I don't think I've heard of anyone genuinely doing arabic stuff with FOP yet.
I think we would all be greatful if you could investigate further and possibly
submit your findings to this mailing list and even submit a test case for arabic.

My guess would be that you need to learn how to encode arabic as unicode in XML.
That is really not a subject for this list as it doesn't have anything to do with FOP.
You might want to investigate this on some of the more generic XML newsgroups or
mailing lists. 

You then (I think) need to understand how FOP uses fonts - since you will of course 
an arabic font.

Although xsl:fo has the capability to specify text which is written right to left, top
to bottom ("rl-tb" I think) I don't honestly know how well tested that code is.



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