--- Gustavo Wolf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hi all,
>          I am trying to access the FAQ site at http://www.OWAL.co.uk:8090/
> but cannot do it for already two days.
> Is there a problem? if yes, is there another site with a copy of it?
> Thanks,

Hi Gustavo, 

I'm terribly sorry about that. The site is not down - but I suspect that your local
firewall is not letting port 8090 through. This is quite reasonable of it.

The solution is that I get off my arse and set up apache server and tomcat 
to talk to each other properly. (Little things like being too busy with paying work
have put this lower and lower on my priority list).

Another part of the solution is that I produce a big html file which contains the whole
FAQ which can be put on a different site - or even emailed to you. This might work.

I had a volunteer unix admin person to help sort this out but he said he was going on 
and I don't remember his email address... 

Anyway SORRY! 
You have my permission to email me whenever you need something looked up in the FAQ :-)

Alex McLintock

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