> This is absolutely true! The absolute path is necessary to get the image to
> work (at least that's how I work with it).

That's not correct, you CAN in fact use relative path, but I do it without
file:, file:/// or such a thing. It has worked all the time.

You can also put an image in a subdirectory, so the image src is
image-directory/image.gif without leading file or such things.

MfG, Daniel

Daniel Knapp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
int a=10000,b,c=2800,d,e,f[2801],g;main(){for(;b-c;)f[b++]=a/5;for(;d=0,
g--,--b;d*=b);} berechnet Pi auf 800 Stellen genau. :-)

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