OK, finally got the FopServlet to work, thanks for the help!!!

My next problem is that my XML is not in a file. I will be reading it in
from my database (where its stored as a blob) into a large String. Next I
need to do something like an XSLTransform.transform to apply my XSL to the
XML. What results should be my .FO file. Now I have tried this where the XML
and XSL are files and programatically build the .FO file and this works but
I need help with the following things:

1) Is XSLTransform.transform the best class method to use?

2) XSLTransform.transform accepts for the XML input either a xmlSource
String or a org.w3c.dom.Document .... what I have is the entire XML in a
String. Whats the best way to turn it into a Document?
Erich Kilmer

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