okay, the example I've given is in this way not correct. I have to explain
a little more to see the bug.

If you write a FO-document with internal-basic-links the way I specified,
there's no error. The error happens in the document attached to this mail.
When copying the relevant lines into a new document, the error disappears,
and that's the strange thing. I copy the relevant lines (they are exactly
the same) and there's no error any more. Maybe someone of you can help
here, the relevant lines are ll 105 and 116 (that's the id "def_unet" FOP
mentions), but you'll see when running it through FOP.

Thanks in advance.

MfG, Daniel

Daniel Knapp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
int a=10000,b,c=2800,d,e,f[2801],g;main(){for(;b-c;)f[b++]=a/5;for(;d=0,
g--,--b;d*=b);} berechnet Pi auf 800 Stellen genau. :-)


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