The default configuration file is read like so:

configfile = contextClassLoader.getResourceAsStream("conf/config.xml");
configfile = ConfigurationReader.class.getResourceAsStream("/conf/config.xml");

This means that the config file must be in the location "conf/config.xml"
in your classpath. The build.xml copies this file into
build/classes/conf/config.xml and if build/classes is in your classpath
then it will work.

Hope that helps.

On Mon, 03 Sep 2001 18:27:19 Peter B. West wrote:
> To be a bit more specific: I have the conf directory in place with its 
> default contents; I have the .../fop/configuration directory with its 
> files, and as far as I can tell, these are being compiled, although in 
> my Java ignorance, anything is possible.  I am not using build.xml, but 
> simply compiling into the build/classes directory, and specifying that 
> directory in my classpath.  This works in the context of a complete 
> source tree, with a severly pruned which just does the 
> parsing of the FO tree.  When I try to minimise the source files in 
> another directory, I get this error.
> Peter
> Peter B. West wrote:
> > I'm trying to build a skeleton system with the minimum of components. 
> > What is such a minimum for processing the configuration file?  I am 
> > being told "can't find default configuration file."
> > 
> > Peter

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