Last time I look at the code, I noticed that resolution of page 
references is left to the renderers. Shouldn't that be handled by the 
layout process. Shouldn't the job of the renderers just convert the 
resolved area tree to whatever format their target is? Is this being 
thought of in the new layout redesign?


COFFMAN Steven wrote:

>Done. Are other renderers similarly broken? (PCL?) I don't have a way to
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>Subject: [PATCH] Page citations do not work in PSRenderer
>Hi Darren
>>There is one problem, page-citations don't seem to work. The line
>><fo:page-number-citation ref-id="xref"/> should put the page number of the
>>page on which a block with the attribute id="xref" first appears. In the
>>output from FOP -ps I get a ? instead.
>Ok, I fixed that. A diff is attached. Would one of the committers please
>apply it? Thanks.
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