I'm running FOP 0.20.1 on a W2K PC.

If there is an error in the input XML, FOP displays the error and hangs. I
have to press Ctrl-C to stop it.

This has never bothered me before, but now I'm running FOP many times in
batch during the night and I don't want it to stop if one of the XML files
is wrong.

I've looked in the source-code to try and fix this, but there is something I
don't understand:

If there is an error in the input XSL, FOP behaves differently: it displays
the error and stops. This happens in the XSLTInputHandler class, in the
getParser method, at line 109: throw new FOPException(ex).

I compare this code with the code the generates the exception when the input
XML is wrong: Driver class, render method, line 461: throw new

These two lines are exactly the same; why does FOP behave differently?



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