I have some performance problems with FOP while running it on big
.fo files. I run the fop from a servlet and the input .fo file is bigger
then 6Mb. The problem is that after a number of pages in the result pdf file
is being created  the render() function stacks for some undefined time (from
1 to 15 minutes !!! no CPU usage in this period of time). Can someone
explain me what should I do to solve the problem, if it's possible ? 
        I attach the exact code that uses fop in my servlet.

        public ByteArrayOutputStream xmlToPdf(CSessionContext
sessionContext, File foFile ) throws CTdException {
         try {
             ByteArrayOutputStream outStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
             Driver driver = new Driver();
             XMLReader parser =
             driver.render(parser, new InputSource(new
             return outStream;
         catch (Exception e) {
             throw new CTdException("Failed to build report ",e);

        Thank you in advance
        Michael Zeldich
        Mercury Interactive Co.

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