Hi Corinna and welcome back,

Your idea sounds quite good to me. Speaking as a committer, I'm sure I
could spare a few minutes every now and then to commit the bugtest
files. Actually I've got rather a bunch of files lying about already
with names like "bug1234.fo" :-)

Since you've been absent for a while, you may not be aware that Keiron
has added a new test directory which works on the principal of using the
"XML renderer" to compare the results of running two versions of FOP on
test files. You can find some information and examples in the
xml-fop/test directory and in the documentation (Testing). Perhaps the
bug files should be integrated there.


Corinna Hischke wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been digging around the bugzilla buglist an found that there are many
> bugs referring to 'very old' FOP versions like 0.17, 0.18.
> I know you can attach test files to your bug report, but wouldn't it be
> easier to trace old bugs, if we integrated the test cases into the fop
> tests?
> The test directory already has a 'bugtest' subdirectory. But to find a test
> case referring to a specified bug, you have to do a lot of interpretation
> ..
> My suggestion would be this:
> - if someone reports a bug, (s)he should add a test file
> - the test file would be added (by committers - sorry about that ;)) to the
> bugtest directory
> - the test file must be named with the bug number.
> That way anybody could easily test, wether a given bug is still current in
> the used FOP version.
> What do you think?
> - Corinna
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