There was a discussion of this topic on the Avalon mailing list. Also,
there was a proposal of a revised Loggable interface. The current
Loggable interface is somewhat hardcoded to LogKit. The proposal would
basically solve the problem like Trunk would, except that this solution
is well integrated with the Avalon way. The problem is
backwards-compatibility, so it may take some time until this comes.
Maybe we should try to push a little.

I think the occasional "Loggable" interface implementations are only the
beginning of Avalon's use in FOP. FOP can profit from Avalon in the
long term by making offering well-proven patterns, better concurrency,
better integration with other projects (Cocoon for example is fully
Avalon-style) etc. 

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:40:13 -0400 Christopher Burkey wrote:
> At our company we have have found a solution to the logging dilemma and 
> think FOP should do the same.
> At this point there seems to be several ways to log errors within a Java 
> application:
> 1. JDK 1.4's new Logging API's
> 2. Log4J
> 3. Log Kit
> 4. Avalon's Loggable interface
> 5. Some new JDK compatible API's
> The worst part about this situation is that one component might use Log4J 
> and another part of the same application may depend on Log Kit. So now your 
> logs are spread all over the place within the same application.( Our 
> company is writing a Swing application that had this exact problem. )
> The solution is:
> Logging should be done in the same way JDBC is done. There should be one 
> set of interfaces and multiple drivers. Log Kit and Log4J considered the 
> equivalent of JDBC drivers such as Oracle, DB2 etc...
> We put together Trunk ( ) as a 
> collection of Interfaces compatible with multiple drivers.
>  From the Trunk Docs:
> LoggingDriver.getDriver()
>        *   <li>Get the value of the 
> <tt>org.openinstitute.trunk.LoggingDriver</tt> system property,
>        *     which must be a class that implements the {@link LoggingDriver} 
> interface.
> Example Usage:        
> Logger LOGGER = LoggingDriverFactory.getDriver().getLogger( 
> SomeApplication.class );
>"Hello world!");
> Now FOP can use any driver such as Log4J or Log Kit.
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