The logging used by fop has been changed to use a more common logging
library, logkit.
You just need to set the logger on the Driver, ie.

To see how to create a logger look at the getLogger method in the Driver,
and read up at
This information will be on the website eventually.

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:35:16 "Beer, Christian" wrote:
> Hi all!
> Using version 0.20.1 I used 
> <code>
> MessageHandler.setOutputMethod(MessageHandler.EVENT);
> MessageHandler.addListener(this);
> </code>
> to recieve the messages of FOP. 
> But now as I am trying to use the cvs-version (because 
> of the improvement with JPGs) I get the following output
> on the console:
> <output>
> [ERROR]: Logger not set
> [INFO]: building formatting object tree
> setting up fonts
> [INFO]: [1]
> [INFO]: [2]
> [INFO]: Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer
> </output>
> But no messages any more!
> Did anything change that I didn't recognize??
> Christian

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