Are you using iExplorer? If yes, then the thing is, that the
does give a damn about mime-types. For the iexplore only the url counts.
So try to add a ".pdf" to your url:



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Hi at all,

I have two important question:

1) I have a jsp page that call a java function of my external class.
I pass at this object dynamic xml and stylesheet xsl
and then I have to pass some parameter at my stylesheet
that are stored in HttpSession object.
If I use XSLTransform from fop there isn't
a possibility passing parameter! Is this True??????
I have utilized instead of it the class: javax.xml.transform.Transformer
With this class I can pass parameter to stylesheet and perform the 
getting out InputSource that I pass at Driver.

2) When the render process end in my JSP
return ByteArrayOutputStream that I convert
setting the contentType:

1) response.setContentType("application/pdf");
2) ByteArrayOutputStream ris_pdf = ((XMLTransform) 
(ParamXSL[]) request.getAttribute("ParamXSL"), formato);
   3) byte[] content = ris_pdf.toByteArray();
    4) response.setContentLength(content.length);
    5) response.getOutputStream().write(content);
    6) response.getOutputStream().flush(); 

At this point appear the browser form that call
me If I want to save or open the result!!!!!!!!
why if I have set the content type?????? and If I choose
acrobat I can view the PDF File!

(I use Struts and the file my output file is called ListaFacolta.do)


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