Hi there,

I have a problem with using FOP over Sockets, maybe someone out there knows a 
I just wanted to implement a small formatting Server, that listens to a port and in 
case a
request comes in, takes the xml:fo document from that request, transforms it and sends 
response back.

The communication works fine, the sending of the document and the transforming as 
well, I
just have to put it together, which does not work: My client sends the stuff, the 
starts transforming, but before the server is finished, the client shuts down.

Seems like the first part of my PDF document arrived, but then there's "null" and you 
use something like

while ((String in = inputStream.readLine()) != null) {
        //do something

Here's the stuff that comes out of the server as long as the clients working...

Trying to read the answer
Connection closed
File can be found in outfile.pdf

(At this time, the server was still building up the pages)

Does anyone know, how to handle this problem ?


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