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Subject: Re: Compound datatypes: <length-range>
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 09:17:54 -0500
From: Paul Grosso <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, xsl-editors 

At 12:21 2001 09 28 -0400, Peter B. West wrote:
 >In 5.11 Property Datatypes, <length> and <percentage> are defined 
 >and <length-range> is specified as:
 >'A compound datatype, with components: minimum, optimum, maximum.
 >Each component is a <length>.'
 >7.21.4 "leader-length" has:
 >'Value: <length-range> | <percentage> | inherit
 >Initial: leader-length.minimum=0pt, .optimum=12.0pt, .maximum=100%
 >Applies to: fo:leader
 >Inherited: yes
 >Percentages: refer to width of content-rectangle of parent area
 >Media: visual
 >Values have the following meanings:
 >There is no discussion of the meaning of <percentage> corresponding to
 >the discussion of the meaning of <length-range>.

We do already say:

   Percentages: refer to width of content-rectangle of parent area

so I'm not sure what else needs to be discussed.  (We are planning to
reword this somewhat to be in terms of the inline-progression-dimension
instead of width.)

 >Further on, the following example is given:
 >In other words, the value of the leader-length property is not a
 ><length-range> or a <percentage>, it is a <length-range> whose components
 >are not simply <length>s, but <length>|<percentage>. 'inherit' is 
 >excluded by the constraint that compound datatypes may only be 
inherited as a
 >compound.  If my understanding is correct, the actual specification of 
 >allowable value of leader-length is <length-percentage-range>|inherit, 
 >each component of <length-percentage-range> is <length>|<percentage>.

Our data-typing is based on the refined values, not the specified values.

 >I assume from 7.21.4 that it is not intended to allow entries like

That is allowed; it means:


and then the 20% gets refined into a value which is 20% of the
inline-progression-dimension of the parent's content rectangle
(which might be, say, the current column width).


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