Just in case anyone is interested, see this benchmarking from an earlier
post. I still haven't figured out what causes the serious degradation on
Unix with two or more concurrent reports. But I did find out it only
occurs when running FOP on a servlet inside Weblogic! Two separate Java
processes don't see the same degradation. I'm sure BEA support will
figure out this problem in no time.

To benchmark I used a servlet with embedded FOP to render a 200 page PDF
document from an XSLT
transform on a static XML-file (no database connection is involved).
Both boxes are running Weblogic 6.1. The
XSLT transform takes very little time compared to the FOP renderer. I've
tried a DomSource for input, a SaxSource, and the
XSLTInputHandler. The results are almost exactly the same in each case.

Below are the results I see. Initial heap size=max heap size in each
Each server is running the latest JDK 131 (w/Hotspot). (I have set all
HP system variables (max_thread_proc, etc.) to Sun recommendations.)

Nt dev box (NT4-Worksatation, PIII-933mhz, 512MB ram):
Heap Size=64M, 1 report   =  251ms/page 
Heap Size=64M, 2 reports  =  750ms/page 
Heap Size=256M, 1 report  =  245ms/page
Heap Size=256M, 2 reports =  500/page

HP server (HP-Unix, 2x550 mhz, 2GB ram):
Heap Size=64M, 1 report =  545ms/page (frequent out of memory errors)
Heap Size=64M, 2 reports  =  didn't try
Heap Size=256M, 1 report  =  372ms/page
Heap Size=256M, 2 reports =  1700ms/page
Heap Size=512M, 1 report  =  350ms/page
Heap Size=512M, 2 reports =  1675ms/page

The only difference I can see for sure between the two boxes is that the
machine performs at least 10 times as much garbage collection.
several times per page, as opposed to once every 8-10 pages on the NT
Garbage collection occurs a little more frequenly on the HP box when I
the heap size, but still not nearly as often as on the NT--at any heap
Also the HP box runs out of memory if I lower the heap size. I was
this was due to some HP setting, but I'm starting to come to the
that it's just some difference in the hotspot implementations.

Amit wrote:
> Yup I run it under Linux and it is actually way faster than windowsNT or
> 98.
> I have the latest kernel 2.4.12 and am using jdk1.2.2 with 128MB or RAM
> this is in my development environment.
> Jim Wright wrote:
> > I run complex table stuff on Linux with FOP pretty consistently, and
> > have not experienced the slow-downs you mention. Are you running under
> > Linux with a decent amount of memory?
> >
> > jw
> >
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> > Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 12:29 AM
> > Subject: Performance
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> > I have performance problems with Fop on Linux for S390. The same
> > document (for example 4 tables on one page) takes 3 seconds on Win NT,
> > while it takes more than one minute on Linux. The same happens with
> > examples which came with FOP - they are slow on Linux. What should I
> > do?
> >
> > Thanks!!
> >
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