Dear Lists,

For the time being, the code of my experiments can be accessed at

Further to the comments made earlier about the use of integer reductions 
in Xalan(?) to speed code up, I have the beginnings of an integer set 
for the FOs in .../fo/  Those of you who have followed 
this will be aware of my previous attempts to do the same for properties 
in .../fo/ and .../fo/

I have, in the course of events, had a look at configuration.  I think 
it would be useful to unify all of the configuration, with differences 
depending on whether a String[] argument is passed to a (static) 
configure() method in a (static) Options class.  I think it would also 
be useful to hava a default userconfig.xml specified in a userConfigFile 
element in config.xml.  At the moment, this file is empty, so it does no 
harm to process it.  If it is not desirable to process the user config, 
provide a -nouser switch to that effect, or override the location with a 
-user switch.

In my userconfig, I would to put all of the details that I must 
currently stick in the command line for testing purposes - input and 
output modes and files.  Naturally, these can be overridden in the 
command line.

"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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