On Thursday 18 October 2001 23:06, Art Welch wrote:
> My concerns are that if jfor excels at speed at the expense of
> presentation.
>       1. Are jfor users going to be happy with jfor integrated with FOP
> which seems to favor presentation over speed?
>       2. Would FOP users be happy with the RTF generated if it loses
> presentation information?

Thanks for putting this up - the thing with RTF is that there is a fairly 
strong similarity between XSL-FO and RTF constructs, that does not need any 
layout work in the FO->RTF transformation (we had a good discussion about 
this earlier this year on this list). 
The layout is done later by the wordprocessor when the RTF file is opened.

Hence jfor being called an XSL-FO to RTF *converter* and not *formatter*.
jfor does a fairly simple mapping of XSL-FO elements to RTF constructs, hence 
the speed and small code size. 

So, technically I think the initial merging might see jfor sharing only some 
infrastructure with FOP (command-line and Cocoon invocation mechanisms, 
configuration, logging, parser, etc.), with a "-rtf" option that would more 
or less "switch" between jfor and FOP for processing of the XSL-FO elements. 
This is of course going to be discussed with the FOP community, I'm only 
thinking outloud here.

As Stefano rightly mentioned in the private discussion that lead to this 
merging proposal, such a "side-by-side" merging would already be a big 
advantage for *users* of FOP who would get RTF output for free, without 
needing separate downloads and configuration. Not to mention increased 
visibility for both projects.

Later on, we will have to refactor the jfor code to use more of the the FOP 
codebase where it makes sense. This might lead to new interfaces between FOP 
and its renderers (post-processors?), where a renderer could be plugged in at 
an earlier stage of the FOP formatting chain, not necessarily after the 
layout stage.

So, IMHO jfor would not be a FOP renderer per se initially, but might become 
one later in the integration process.

 -- Bertrand Delacrétaz, www.codeconsult.ch
 -- jfor.org lead developer

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