I saw a brief discussion several (probably about six) months ago about this
topic and the outcome didn't seem clear to me whether or not fop supports
insertion of "name destinations" in pdf's (not bookmarks) so that it would
be possible to open a pdf to a specific location from either another program
or another pdf.

As far as I can tell with the examples, newlinktest.fo and link.fo, it is
possible to bounce around within a document and to link to another document.
However, it looks like it only links to the "top" of the file, not to some
destination in the middle of the file.  If it is possible, how would you
specify it?  Is there some functionality to fo:basic-link that I am missing
or is there something undocumented I am not aware of?

I never thought I'd need this particular functionality, but it has been
thrown at me for "put-everything-else-aside" implementation.

Thanks ahead for any creative and positive suggestions.

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