Title: How can I set the margins in a pdf to be printed?

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It’s not uncommon for printers to move Acrobat margins so the edge of the document does not get cut off. Usually, you can fix this (if you’re printing from Acrobat Reader) by checking Page Setup to make sure that Acrobat is not shrinking the document to fit the page. Sometimes, this can take a bit of hunting around (it depends on your version of Acrobat and printer drivers).


We’ve had similar problems in the past, and can usually resolve them by tweaking the page setup around.


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I have generated a pdf that has a barcode 3/16" of an inch from the left
side of the page (a normal 8.5 x 11 page), and when I open up the pdf in
Acrobat, it shows it exactly like it is suppose to. However, when I
print the pdf, the printer (HP 5si) prints the barcode more than 1/4"
from the left side of the page (about 7/16" off the side).

If I set my barcode to start on the left side of the page, the printer
prints the barcode a 1/4" from the side.

I thought that my printer could print closer to the edge, but I am not
sure how to get the pdf to print this way....

It seem there is a disconnect between what is shown on the screen vs.
what is printed. Any thoughts?



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