I am using JRUN 3.1 (eval) with IIS 4.0. I am generating FO string and I 
want to generate PCL and send it to the network printer. The code I use is 
given below:
String printer ="////TS0001T01//prn1";

public static void sendToPrinter(String foString,String printerName) throws 
ServletException, IOException, FOPException
  {             InputSource foSource = new InputSource(new 
                FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(printerName);
                Driver driver = new Driver(foSource,out);

But  I get FileIO Exception and Access denied. However I am able to copy the 
PCL file to printer from the server machine DOS window and that works fine. 
( Copy /b t.pcl "//TS0001T01/prn1").

I tried to run a batch job by constructing this in a command line(with 
Runtime.getruntime().exec). Then also I get "Access denied" message in the 
Any ideas?

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