> - do we still need xalan 1.x
> I remember there was a reason for supporting this a while 
> back, is this
> still the case or can we just use xalan 2.x which has trax.

Xalan-J 1 has been removed from CVS, I think, so support for Xalan-J 2 i.e.
JAXP enabled XSLT engines should be favoured.

> - does anyone still need xt support
> since this doesn't actually work anymore (and possibly 
> doesn't compile) it
> would seem to me that no one is using it and therefore no one needs it
> supported.

XT doesn't even support the complete XSLT spec and there are XSLT engines in
Java that are as fast/faster, so I suppose if someone desperately wants to
keep using XT with FOP, they can do the integration themselves


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