I am using fo:table-caption successfully.  Not sure what kind of feedback
you are looking for.
BTW, I don't know what you mean by "fo:table-caption can host a table" - it
should contain row
definitions, just as fo:table-body, with the same number of columns (the
columns widths will be
defined prior to that, as usual for fo:table-body).  The only difference
between caption and body
is that the latter will be repated if the table spans multiple pages.

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Subject: Table Column-Headers

I'm dynamically generating a table that can have a variable number of rows.
In the situation where the table spans multiple pages, I would like to have
the first row contain the column labels.  I've been able to do this using a
style sheet, but it requires that the height of each row be fixed (which I
would like to avoid).  From the documentation, fo:table-caption can host a
table, which could be set up to be a one-row table that contains the column
headers.  From what I've read, this caption can be made to repeat after
crossing a page boundary.  Before trying this, I'd like to get some feed
back from those more experienced with FOP regarding this approach.  I'm
using the latest version, 20.2.

Thanks in advance, 

Chris W. 

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