At 01:41 PM 10/30/01 +0530, NagarajaRao wrote:
> ApacheFOP deosn't support Landscape and Portrait. Isn't it? If we want to
>have Landscape or Portrait, we need to change the dimensions accordingly. If
>i am wrong, will anyone please send me a sample?
>thanks & regards
>nagaraja rao

It's not FOP per se, it's XSL. XSL supports bounded and unbounded (one or 
two dimensions) pages, of any width and height. Once you have specified 
width and height you have established 'top', 'bottom', 'left' and 'right'. 
All further content orientations are with respect to those absolutes.

Landscape and Portrait are printing concepts. Well, maybe not quite...the 
idea has filtered over into page setup for drawing program configuration, 
for example. Still, I am quite certain that the terms refer (or originally 
referred) to the orientation of a page as it concerns printing: one expects 
Portrait to print along the longer dimension of the actual paper, and one 
expects Landscape to print along the shorter dimension of the actual paper. 
I have become aware that recent decades have seen a fair amount of dilution 
and fuzziness concerning terms in the composition, layout and printing 
fields, so I may be thinking about terminology as it used to be or ought to 
be, rather than what is commonly accepted; if so, I welcome correction.

Keiron Liddle has talked a fair bit about user agents in this list. One can 
imagine that a complete system built around FOP, and supplying UA 
information according to some API, could assist in setting up page-masters. 
Such a system could consider the _printer_ to be the user agent; hence, 
information could be retrieved about available paper, and used to set up at 
least 2 relevant page-masters: one for Portrait layout and one for Landscape 
layout. The system would then issue appropriate printing instructions.

Arved Sandstrom

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