I take it you're talking about an Adobe Type 1 font, right? There are a
few known issues with the generation of XML metric files in PFMReader
with exotic fonts. This means sometimes a wrong value for "Flags" is set.
If you have Acrobat (not Acorbat Reader), you could generate a PDF from
a Word processor with your Cosmic font. Then open the generated PDF in a
text editor and look for "/Flags" (and "Cosmic" of course). Immediately
after this tag you'll find a number which you should use in the XML
metrics file generated for your font.

A more technical approach would be to have a look at chapter 7.11.2
"font descriptor flags" to play with the various flags. The value of the
Flags attribute depends on the font. There are different values for
normal fonts such as "Helvetica" and for symbol fonts such as

If it doesn't work out this way, you should state what kind of font it
is you're using and what value PFMReader generated for "Flags". I may
then be able to give a few values you could try out.

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:26:04 +0100 Thomas Kübler wrote:
> i have a problem printing a pdf with integrated a new font.
> i have no problem to render with fop20.1 the job. the result
> is a pdf-file where the new font is embedded. when i opend
> the pdf-file in acrobat 4.0 he always told me 
> "In the font 'Cosmic' is the value for /Flags wrong". when i printed the job
> the result are white paper.

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