Hi everyone,

I'm going through FOP doing some playing around to see if I can reduce the
memory use/improve performance of FOP.  (I've got a document that takes
about 20 days to translate, and I'd like to speed it up a bit :>).

As part of the process, I've been looking at some of the elements that are
eating up large chunks of memory.  One of the candidates is the
"returnedBy" hashtable in layout.Area.  The only place this hashtable is
referenced is in the "addLineagePair(fObj fo, int position)" method.  This
method puts data into the hashtable.  However nothing else accesses the
hashtable.  I.e. We're putting stuff in, but never extracting it or looking
at it.

Was this added with a specific intended future use?  If so, what?  Is it
lying around as debris from a past requirement?  Does anyone remember?  If
I get back no responses, I'll toast it in my proposed
'performance-enhancement' changes.

Thanks for your help,


Lloyd McKenzie, P.Eng.              I/T Architect, IBM Global Services
PhoneMail: (780)421-5620          Internal Mail:AZ*K0R*1004 *EDM

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