If the curves you are refereing to are normal svg curves without any
effects then they have been converted directly into pdf curves. This means
that are an exact represenation (within reason) of the svg curves. The
problem then is with acrobat check the preferences.

If your svg is creating a graphic which is embedded into the pdf then the
issue is different. You will need to work out how to make batik draw the
images at a higher resolution.

On 2001.11.10 17:24 Scott Moore wrote:
> I'm using FOP from a servlet (e.g., not the command line version) and I
> have
> some embedded SVG in the XSL-FO.  The curves are very jagged in the final
> PDF and I would like to turn anti-aliasing on.
> How can I do this?  I looked thru the FOP source code and although I see
> parameters for anti-aliasing in a couple of Java files, I never found a
> way
> to configure it in my servlet code.
> Is there a property I can set on the Configuration object to turn this
> on?
> Thanks,
> Scott

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