For your information:

I had a problem with the Sample OCR-B fonts supplied
by IDautomation.com. This font has a Windows Symbol
encoding (PID=3, EID=0) which caused the TTFReader to
Unicode cmap table not present

As a solution I remapped the Symbol encoding to ANSI
encoding which is required by TTFReader. (PID = 3, EID
= 1). I did it with
Softy(http://users.iclway.co.uk/l.emmett/) manually,
because I could only access that software (*sigh*).
This is not the best solution.
I donwloaded FontLab demo, which has a save option
"Use following codepage for first 256 characters". I
think this is the automatic way to change the Symbol
encoding to ANSI encoding. (I never tried. The demo
version cannot save into .ttf format.)

I tried to use another font called alphabet.ttf
(Created by <ank> Austin Kurowski) to test the font
using and ran into the problem:
java.io.EOFException: Reached EOF, file size=24372

I loaded the font into Softy, set the mapping for
space to 32 (it was 32 originally) and saved the new
mapping. (Nothing really changed. Only the mapping was
regenerated.) Now TTFReader was able to read the font
file and create the metrics for the font and after
some configuration in userconfig.xml the font appeared
in the .pdf file.

That's all for now.


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