<Cry for help>
This graphics topic in Cocoon 2 (in order not to speak of Cocoon 1...) is
really tricky - I thought we had it under control in the meantime, but it
appears, we haven't. Graphics are displayed sometimnes and sometimes not,
sometimes gifs aren't and sometimes tif's; sometimes it seems it's the fault
of Windows® 2000, and that everythings works well under Windows® NT,
sometimes - like this afternoon - it doesn't. It has been the case that we
thought to succeed with putting one kind of source file path into XSL-FO
rather than another one, but then, one day later, both types of path work.

I really wonder whether it is possible to get a stable system one could hand
out to a customer?!

Is there anybody with ... as big as this who can supply me with a complete
set of plausible and praxis-proven instructions on how I'll get the damned
thing to output pdf's with graphics?
</Cry for help>

Well, in central Europe its dark by now, I'm going. I wonder whether I'll
find some marvellous news tomorrow in my mailbox, that will resolve all my

I thank you in advance for your really indispensable help, without which my
team and I, at 98% of the path, cannot really get to any acceptable results.


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