Could "font-weight" be the attribute you're looking for instead of
font-width ?

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> Sent: 20 November 2001 03:15
> Subject:      font-width in <fo:block>
> hello,
> I faced some problem on < fo: block> where contain font-width  as
> attribute.
> Example : <fo:block color="#000000" font-family="Helvetica"
> font-size="8pt"
> font-width="bold" text-align="end">
> Accroding to XSL FO Reference, in <fo:block> contains many type of
> attribute including font-width.
> But how come when I run in Fop 0.20.2, it given me this warning:property
> "font-width" ignored
> Am I doing anything wrong in to my font-width?
> Thank you.
> lpkhoo.
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