Hello Karen, Keiron and others interested...

I've been using FOP in a specially modified version derived from version
0.15 (CVS), because I had to have some special duplex functionality. Now,
I'm in a major redesign of the application and I'm going to do the
duplexing stuff differently. That way I'll be able to stick to the
standards and can use a more current version of FOP. And that's where I
stumbled upon my code that tries (!) to determine if a FOP job should be
considered success or failure (for example because of layout problems etc.).

Basically what I'd like to have is some kind of ProblemListener (similar
to the ErrorListener in JAXP 1.1 (javax.xml.transform.ErrorListener))
which reports (especially) layout problems separated from other errors.
In a production system you will want to have better control over what
should go through and what not. The logging output is not really suitable
for this. A default ProblemListener should probably do the logging of

I think I can identify 3 kinds of problems (are there more?):
- FO(+SVG?) problem (ex. only one flow per page-sequence permitted)
- Layout problem (ex. "Sum of fixed column widths 348659 greater than
  maximum specified IPD 340158", the cryptic ">")
- environmental problem (IOExceptions etc.)

I'd love to hear what you think about this. I'm sorry not to be more of
a help right now. I'm really aching to do some things in FOP (especially
the PSRenderer and reworking static stuff) but I simply don't have the
time. I hope very much to be able to help again starting Feb 2002, maybe
sooner. Got to get that big project going first...

Jeremias Märki


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