The line height is converted into points the same way that all other units 
are converted.
The problem is that the actual line height in the output is incorrect. It 
sets the line height to the lineheight - half leading (depends on the 
font) which is wrong. The line stacking is not done correctly anyway so it 
is not simple to fix it properly.

On 2001.11.21 08:57 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> hello,
> Anyone know how to convert line height value, I need to convert the value
> from pixel to pt.
> I try to convert the value from pixel by multiple 0.75 (value * 0.75) ,
> When I run FOP 0.20.0,  I found the line height is wrong.
> So, I not sure how to convert the value from pixel to pt, anyone know how
> to calculate?
> Thank you.
> lpkhoo.

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