Is there any way to make sure a table border extends to the bottom of the
page (minus margins)?

A picture may help. This is the structure of my document. The '-'s and '|'s
represent actual line borders:

| Header (fo:region-before) |
  (blank space)
| Body                             |
| (contains data within       |  
|  nested tables)               |

The report has up to four sections which can all span multiple pages. The
body part changes but the header stays constant across all 4 sections. Right
now I'm creating the border around the body as a border around table-cells.
Each section of the report is contained within one table-cell. The problem
is that I would like to make sure the bottom border extends to the bottom of
the page (even if the data only spans a few rows) and that the side borders
come down to meet it. 

It seems like this should be a pretty simple problem but I haven't come up
with anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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