Since posting this, I have come to realise that this is a common 
problem. I have not seen though a definative solution for the problem.

Weblogic does seem to include a lot of the xerces / xalan code, but it 
is repackaged, so I think the problem lies with the order in which the 
classes are set in the webapp classpath. Like I mention below, I am 
willing and able to unjar the relevant jars on top of each other, then 
jar up the whole lot.

Would this solve my problem?

Thanks for any help!


(Originally posted to comp.text.xml & fop-user)

I apologise if this is an FAQ, but I am having a devil of a time using
FOP from a servlet inside Weblogic 6.0.

Basically, when using my servlet inside of Forte, under tomcat,
everything works fine, and alls good.

I am deploying all the various jar files in a webapp, under the
application lib directory, and this have not set an explicit
classpath. I assume that WL just picks them up in alphabetical order.
When running under WL I get one of the following exceptions:

javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: System property
org.xml.sax.driver not specified


at com.db.maelstrom.smtm.pdf.PDFReport.generateFO(

at com.db.maelstrom.smtm.pdf.PDFReport.generate(

at com.db.maelstrom.smtm.pdf.PDFReport.generate(



So I set the system property, I get a NoSuchMethod exception in
AxisXXXXXX (I am sorry, but I can't find the exact error ).

FOP is really cool, and I would love to be able to use it, but after
almost a day of trying to track down the .jar file incompatiabilities,
I am almost going mad!
I am using the following JAR files:
  > >
  > > avalon-framework-4.0.jar
  > > batik.jar
  > > BCEL.jar
  > > fop.jar
  > > gnu-regexp-1.1.2.jar
  > > jakarta-oro-2.0.4.jar
  > > jdom.jar
  > > jimi-1.0.jar
  > > jsfc.jar
  > > logkit-1.0b4.jar
  > > oracle.jar
  > > parser.jar
  > > xalan-2.0.0.jar
  > > xalanj1compat.jar
  > > xerces-1.2.3.jar
  > > xml.jar
  > > xmlparserv2.jar
  > > xsltc.jar
  > > xsltcrt.jar
  > >
(and some other jar files that are not XML related).

Do I need to unjar & then rejar some of these in a secret order to get
all these packages to work together????

It seems that maybe one version of a sax parser factory is doing the
'wrong thing'

Thanks _so_ much for any help you might be able to offer.



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