Hi there,

I am Deep working on XML to PDF conversion. I have few
questions can anyone please try and answer them. I
need them urgently.

Here are my queries:

1. I want to use the org.apache.fop.pdf package to
create a pdf document.
Can I use the org.apache.fop.pdf package separately
for generating pdf? I do not want to use FOs and I
will supply data through my program (need to write). 

2. What all minimal set of data and in what form
should I provide from my program to use this package
so as to generate the pdf?

3. What class instantiation would be my starting

PS: My requirement is to generate some PDF and they
have standard (static) format. Say I want to display a
calendar then my format is fixed like shoing grind in
the PDF ya but the data that has to be shown in the
document will be dynamic.

Any pointer regarding will be helpful. 


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