Hi, Pablo,

    I don't think fop is that slow. I have a pc (Pentium 200, 32M memory,
jdk 1.2), the average rendering time for one page is about 3 - 4 seconds. My
pc at work (Pentium 700, 128M memory, jdk1.3) render one page in 1 to 2


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Subject: Fop speed improvements

Hi all,
    This is the second message I post about fop performance and I didn't got
any answer; is there a way
to make it faster or "useable".
    I'm generating a pdf from a servlet and although it's very easy to use,
it's VERY slow and causes the browser to raise a timeout exception. I'm
using a Pentium III 500 + 500 Mb + jdk1.3 machine and it takes 5 minutes  to
get a 2 pages document with no graphics, just one big table with 5

Am I doing something wrong or fop is not ready for "real-life" ?

Thanks in advance,

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